Looking for great projects to contribute to during the lockdown?

This week in OpenSourceWeekly.org we are talking about the biggest challenge of the century: 🌱

@postmarketOS, @bacardi55 and more

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Looking for great projects to use or to contribute to during the lockdown?

The 5th issue of my letter is out!

Git hosting (@sir), communication (), hardware (), Security () and much more.

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A lot of streets are unusually empty. With this campaign we can document that for everyone to remember. Upload your photos of empty streets in your area: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Cam

Hi @sir , if you were asking yourself about what can be your next blog post, I would love to read from you an article about 'low-tech'.

Something about how simple software can be far more powerful than complex & bloated sh*t. Something about simplicity, productivity and resilience.

Something at a macro level, not just how git was designed for an email first workflow.

For many, tech specs are the most important benchmark in measuring up smartphones – the camera, chipset, memory, OS… but with our global e-waste problem reaching a tipping point, perhaps the real question should be: Are we focussing on the right specs? 👉 frphn.co/ZrDRY

You are certainly asking yourself what to do with this sudden amount of free time now we are all in quarantine and no longer have to commute every day.
The answer is evident:


GameDev (@godotengine), Emulators (Raspberry pi & Dolphin) and much more!

Don't miss the 4th issue of 👉opensourceweekly.org/issues/4

hi @sir , I really appreciate your website git.sr.ht

Are you aware of similar HTML/CSS only websites that fast and easy to navigate?

The 3rd issue of my letter OpenSourceWeekly.org (the best projects and articles on open source, curated by hand) is out 📖

Cloud, Security, UI/UX, Intellectual Property (@purism) and much more!

Read it online 👉 opensourceweekly.org/issues/3

Nouveau Parcours : Linux, apprenez à maîtrisez le système avec Numericatous :

"En 2017, 40 journalistes d’investigation issus d’une trentaine de médias internationaux se sont réunis pour le projet « Green Blood », visant à reprendre le travail de plusieurs journalistes assassinés ou emprisonnés parce qu’ils enquêtaient sur des scandales environnementaux. "


🇬🇧 I just created a personal Mastodon account to stop mixing my posts with Bloom's ones.
You can follow me @sylvain to never miss one of my posts 😀 (and those of OpenSourceWeekly.org & FatalEntropy.com).

🇫🇷 Je viens juste de créer un compte Mastodon personnel pour arrêter des mélanger mes posts avec ceux de Bloom.
Vous pouvez me suivre @sylvain pour ne rater aucuns de mes posts 😀 (et ceux de OpenSourceWeekly.org).

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